Who is ZetFu?

We are a team of developers that are not afraid of a hard battle with ninja's and fear only the possibility of loosing face and bringing dishonor to our clients!


Our mission is to become the easiest and most reliable web development team in  the universe! We have years of experience and the ability to provide almost anything requested by our clients.

ZetFu Technology

Cloud hosting, Hybrid and Native application for mobile, Web development and Desktop application creation. AWS, Digital Ocean and Azure. DevOps Automation processes.


Tel: 303-909-1438

Jamison Court, Littleton, CO 80120



Branding increases the value of your company by helping marketing to show your style and direction at a glance.


Ease of use and lasting performance helps companies to be able to focus on delivery of great products and focus on real useful content.


Dreaming about a concept and then seeing it on mobile phones, ipad, android devices and desktops exactly like you wanted is possible with ZetFu teams help


Rapid development and prototypes for all platforms is possible. Enjoy that as another column in your stable web platform using ZetFu


Reach out to ZetFu teams to discuss how we can help with end to end Quality control and Disaster Recovery for your existing sites or a new platform from ZetFu Foundation